Video Editing & Post-Production


What would a great video be without video editing? Well, definitely not a great video. There are many steps that go into creating a powerful and high impact video. At Zurax we believe it is the collaboration between multiple artists across multiple areas of expertise that create great content to reach your audience regardless of the medium. We understand how to edit for every platform: the web, television, mobile, social media, interactive displays, retail environments and anywhere else video can be displayed.

What do we Offer?


      • We provide you with some of the best video editors and post production artists to create some truly amazing and unique videos for your brand, company, product, etc.
      • We use the latest technology and work with multiple video editors to produce high quality videos quickly and effectively.
      • Since we provide all the services needed to create great videos in house we able to streamline the workflow for faster turnaround times and save your company money at the same time.
      • Our Editors know how to edit for any platform and any screen resolution. A video we edit and export can be created for the web, television, mobile devices, on video displays and any other medium you may need.
      • We can edit in 4K, UHD, HD and anything in between. We can even produce videos at up to 8-10K resolution by using motion Graphics and 3D Animation, should you need to use a really large or super high quality display.
      • We do not just simply edit the videos. We polish them, add Motion Graphics and Colour Grade the visuals to make sure they look as good as they possibly can.


        • This is a part of our editing process that really makes your video footage look great!
        • Colour Grading is a process where colours and visuals are adjusted and fine tuned in software to look as good as they can and to help match the feeling of the video. Just because something looks one way when it was captured doesn’t mean it is meant to look that way in the final video.
        • While this method used to be only used in Films and Television, we offer it as a part of our services to make your final videos look their very best.
        • Not every video needs colour grading, but we would be happy to show you the difference it makes. Especially if the video footage was not filmed by Zurax, as sometimes things need to be corrected as well.
        • Any of the videos you see from some of the larger companies usually have Colour Grading and post-effects added to give them that extra pop!


          • Post Production is a very broad term and can include a lot of areas. We offer several Post Production options in addition to our typical Video Editing and Colouring services.
          • Some of these include Motion Graphics and 3d Animation (see our separate section under services), Sound Design, Visual Effects and Video Encoding Services.
          • We also offer Video Management Services. Not sure what to do with your video once it’s done? We can help.
          • We will explain/ help you on how to get the most out of your video. Where to upload it to, how to help use the video with your SEO, and how to use displays and screens on location to target new customers/ viewers.

Why work with us?

We provide top quality Video Editing and Post Production Services. Take your video to the next level with our Full Service Video Packages; we can take care of the entire process from filming all the way through the edit and on to final delivery for any platform or format you need.

We’ll offer you ideas, support and help guide you through the entire process from beginning to end. And offer you many options so you can decide what works best for your company.

Ask how Zurax can help you for your next project.