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What video services do we offer?

We offer a wide range of video production services from some of the most talented video artists in Toronto. Take your promotional videos, commercials, interviews, live tours, product demos, etc. to new heights with the latest technology and top of the line equipment. We offer special features such as Aerial Filming, Cranes (up to 30ft High), Robotic Motion Control Systems, Hand-held camera stabilizers and more to offer new perspectives and techniques not normally seen in videos outside of the film world. We will always consult with you see what works best within your budget and how we can get the highest quality video possible for your business or company. We tell powerful stories, create interest and always focus on your brand/ business in highly effective ways.

  • Promotional Videos/ Films for your projects
  • Commercials for display in any platform- web, tv, mobile, retail displays, etc.
  • Aerial Video to compliment existing video or as a standalone product for the real estate, tourism and many other industries
  • Product Demo’s: new products, existing products, product refreshes
  • Instructional Videos for your customers or client base
  • Corporate Interviews
  • Company and Corporate Films which engage and highlight your company, corporation, or service based business
  • Greenscreen filming and environment creation/ replacement
  • Complete Video Editing, Colouring, Design and Graphics to polish the video (see our video editing and motion graphics section for more detail)

Why is video important?

Video content is one of the most important aspects of marketing a product, service or business. You can really engage your audience quickly, effectively and leave a lasting impression with a well produced video. It can also help drive people to your website, retail location, or business.

Imagine what you can show in a short amount of time with a video as opposed to a single photo or even pages of text. It also helps with getting you found online, as we can help you with how to get your video out there as well via social marketing, google searches, etc.

what Equipment do we use?

We use a broad range of high-end production equipment normally used mostly in film to create a unique perspective for your company, product, service, etc. The equipment varies based on budget and needs of a particular job.

Some of our equipment includes:

  • HD & 4K Video Cameras such as the Sony FS700, F5/F55, Red Camera, etc. We work with many other cameras as well to be very cost effective while not sacrificing quality/ production value. It’s all about selecting the right tool for the given job.
  • All kinds of lights that suit the job, big or small. Arri, Kino, LED’s, Softboxes, etc.

Specialty motion equipment:

  • Aerial Filming using Quad and Octocopter’s for breataking video footage not usually seen in video’s. Can be used at any height desired. All the way up to 400-500 feet soaring in the air.
  • 7-30 ft. Camera Cranes for smooth/unique camera motion.
  • Motion Control Camera systems for very effective repeatable camera movement.
  • Camera Sliders, Steadicam’s and Movi Handheld rigs. Great for adding cinematic movement to any project.

If you have any questions about what some of these things mean, or what suits your needs best, please contact us and we’d be happy to help!


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